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Major Display was founded in 1994 as a custom scoreboard company. Our team is passionate about quality design and ease of installation in all of our products. After perfecting the installation process, we focused on improving the technology of our scoreboards. The acquisition of Santech Scoreboards in 2010 allowed us to offer superior service to existing Santech customers while developing the best scoring technology in the industry. Major Display is dedicated to developing technology that will bring score keeping to a new level in sports.

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Sports Marketing Agency

Our sports marketing team offers innovative solutions to help your school district or facility fund the purchase of any new scoreboard. Here are the simple steps: Pick the scoreboard, header and controller that best meets your needs. We will design a campaign and solicit sponsor and advertisers on your behalf. Major Display will continue to create sponsor revenue for 7-10 years on your scoreboard and give your program back a portion of the funds raised! During our contract, your scoreboard will be under a full maintenance warranty. No hassles.exact same, perfect pitch. Therefore, putting time into writing strong.

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Tablet and app license included with controller purchase. Multiple downloads with every license. Password protected. Bluetooth or WiFi.