Football  Scoreboards

When you need a new football scoreboard or a multi-use scoreboard, for your outdoor fields, turn to Major Display. When you join the Major Display team, you get access to a custom design team for your scoreboard, and our unique downloadable app that can control your scoreboard from any position on the field!

Custom Design Scoreboards

  • Almost every aspect of your scoreboard is customizable, including board colors, the size of numbers, color of lights, headers, advertising panel and display items.
  • Football scoreboards display the score, time remaining, down, yards to go, field position of ball and quarter.

Technology Integration

  • We developed an app that will enable you to control the scoreboard from your mobile device.
  • Our app is Android, and PC compatible.
  • No more delays, when someone leaves the scoreboard control tablet in their truck, at home or just, lost it!
  • The app is password-protected and can be accessed by multiple users.
  • Pair a phone to the controller tablet to provide independent control of the Official Clock, as well as the Play Clocks.

Join the Major Display team: The Smarter Way to Keep Score!

Below is a sampling of our standard football models for current pricing please contact us.

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for…let us configure your perfect scoreboard. Arrange the digits, add features, pick your team colors and add your logo.