Every sport scoreboard has some essential elements, among these are the score for each team and the time. A scoreboard should also tell spectators where they are and what the home team is. Major Display is the number one source for customized scoreboard, complete with a scorekeeping app that can replace the controller should it be lost, misplaced, or broken.

Customized Headers

  • You have three outstanding options when it comes to headers.
  • Option A has three segments on both side of a large square center piece.
  • Option B has two side segments on each side of a large rounded center piece.
  • Option C has a rounded silhouette. All headers have room for the same of the school or sports club and a center logo.
  • All header are aluminum and have powder coated finish

Scoreboard Extras

  • You can add extras to your custom header to make the field look great and to provide room for advertising.
  • Pennants can add some flare to your header. These rigid pennants are not just decoration. They also function as weathervanes, so you’ll always know from which direction the wind is blowing.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Boost your profile as well as your revenue streams by adding advertising panels to your custom scoreboard header.
  • You can raise funds for your school or sports organization to help pay for equipment or even to pay for the scoreboard itself.
  • The advertising panel can be divided up to multiply opportunities.
  • You can purchase and add an LED display for even more advertising opportunities.

Call today to find out more about how you can design a custom scoreboard for your field or court. Be sure to ask about how our sports marketing team can help boost your presence.