Basketball Scoreboards

Get the Major Display scoreboard advantage! When you join the Major Display team you will get a custom scoreboard, access to our digital technology and a whole team of Sports marketing experts at your disposal. Our basketball scoreboards are designed for use with many indoor sports.

The Best Controller

  • We’ve developed something unique to the scoreboard world, a downloadable app to help you avoid control board-based delays .
  • Our app is Android and PC compatible and is password protected.
  • Our controllers are true clock synchronized.
  • User friendly

The Best Design

  • You can choose from basic display items or include all of them.
  • Your indoor scoreboard can include time remaining, score, total team fouls, player number for fouls, period, team possession indicators and bonus.
  • We will assist in the development of revenue stream possibilities including advertising.
  • Custom headers and advertising panels are also available.
  • Keep up with other scores in real time, through our app.

The Best Visuals!

  • All our scoreboards use our Custom-Made LED lights available and are available in red, yellow, white, green, and blue.
  • Our scoreboards offer 120° viewing angle- the widest in the industry.
  • Our numbers come in bold segments for easy viewing.
  • All our scoreboards are non-glare and non-reflective.

Major Display provides you with a whole team of experts will help you design the scoreboard that best fits your needs as well as a website that will keep you in the game, even after whistle!

Below is a sampling of our standard basketball models.

Many of our gymnasium scoreboards are multi-sport functional.