Lacrosse / Multi-use Outdoor Scoreboard

Major Display leads the pack when it comes to scoreboard innovation! When you join the Major Display, you get all the advantages that we offer: Custom scoreboards, digital integration through a custom web site via Controller-Free Scoring, or our app that eliminates control console based delays. The scoreboard for lacrosse is our multi-use outdoor scoreboard. It is fully programmable so you can input the captions you want to match the sport of the day.

Customize your Board!

  • Have the colors of the board match your team colors!
  • Pick a coordinating color for the LED lights that light up the numbers.
  • You can further customize one model ¬†for the particular sport of the day by changing the captions.
  • You can choose your header and even ad advertising panel to raise revenue for the team or facility.

Use our Controller App!

  • Download our scoreboard controller app.
  • The app is Android, and PC compatible.
  • The app is password protected so only authorized users can access it.
  • Avoid delays caused by conventional control board issues.
  • Stay current with scores in your league in real time.

Get the Major Display advantage with our customizable scoreboards!

Want a Jumbotron video board with your scoreboard? We can do that too! Or maybe smaller like an advertising LED display? We have those options as well!

Below is a sampling of our standard lacrosse models. For current pricing, please contact us at

Contact one of our Sports Marketing Specialists for a complete quote including our SCB3000 Mobile Controller, custom headers and ad panels.